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Solution-Focused Brief Therapy
Jean Eva is pleased to offer the following techniques, which will usually require one to two sets of three sessions. Jean Eva does not accept insurance for either of these procedures.

Family Constellation Therapy: A spiritual technique which can be accomplished over the phone or in the office, utilizing family history and light hypnosis to realign transgenerational energies and free the client from emotional burdens s/he has been carrying unconsciously. This technique allows the client to let go of any confusion or other emotions related to events which may have affected one’s ancestors.

Clinical Hypnosis: Also referred to as Ericksonian hypnosis, this technique allows the client to tap into previously unknown capabilities through contact with the unlimited potential of his/her own unconscious. As a practitioner of Ericksonian hypnosis, I work from the standpoint that I am merely the guide or facilitator of healing that you as client will allow to occur through the use of deep relaxation and healing metaphors, utilizing all the material that you initially bring to each session with me. You bring your own tape recorder to these sessions so that you may replay the content of the session in the quietness of your own home.

Ericksonian hypnosis aids in the interruption of deleterious processes such as smoking, overeating, gambling, obsessive thoughts, an anxious or an angry attitude toward life, and many other life struggles.

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