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Soft Skills for Tough Issues
Fostering Interpersonal Communication in the Workplace
Jean Eva Thumm, LMFT, CPC

Soft Skills for Tough Issues
Are you ready to move ahead to a position of leadership in the workplace?

As a key decision-maker or future business leader in your organization, you will want to know about an exciting new interactive book authored by executive coach and workplace trainer Jean Eva Thumm.

Soft Skills for Tough Issues: Fostering Interpersonal Communication in the Workplace is a comprehensive guide to workplace challenges, including how

  • to communicate utilizing the technique of active listening
  • to identify and utilize nonverbal communication
  • to recognize and avert unhealthy communication patterns
  • to understand the implications of personality type on communication
  • to motivate employees
  • to use apology as an appropriate form of communication

  • Soft Skills for Tough Issues looks at a variety of assessment tools for working with both individuals and teams, such as the MBTI, the DISC, the PIAV, and Spiral Dynamics. It also examines such cutting-edge issues as
    • ethics/spirituality in the workplace
    • the effectiveness of coaching and mentoring
    • learning opportunities in your organization
    • techniques to motivate employees and teams
    • how to utilize the tools of good parenting to guide and support your direct reports, and
    • the value of longer-term  planning

    Chapter 9, entitled "Perform, Review, Perform, Review," will help you to

  • Examine a variety of factors which impact an employee's performance level
  • Compare different leadership styles
  • Identify six factors which determine how employees will perform
  • Be able to answer the question, "Why do performance appraisals?"
  • Identify manipulative tactics employees often use
  • Understand the two hallmarks of any performance assessment tool
  • Learn to discern who is or is not an objective rater
  • Identify a variety of performance assessment devices
  • Develop an action plan for employee improvement 

  • As the work arena of our lives continues to demand more time and energy from each of us, the workplace has become “the family away from family.” According to Ms. Thumm, workplace families need to have strong and compassionate leadership -- leaders who can model exemplary behavior for employees and who can provide both the support and the discipline that their direct reports need in order to perform optimally.

    Soft Skills for Tough Issues helps you look squarely at workplace issues and provides the necessary guidance for you to communicate with and motivate those under your supervisory care.

    Jean Eva recently presented material from her book at the 40th Anniversary of WIC, held in Albuquerque, NM. She delivered an interactive lecture on "Personality Type in the Workplace." This material was well received, and many audience members purchased a copy of Soft Skills for Tough Issues.. Why don't you order your copy today!

    You can order a copy of Soft Skills for Tough Issues at the online bookstore Xlibris:

    ISBN (TP) : 978-1-4363-2878-4

    ISBN (HB) : 978-1-4363-2879-1

    Xlibris: or at

    Soft Skills for Tough Issues is also available on Kindle.

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