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Beyond the Horizons Consulting, LLC, provides individual, couples and family counseling. Treatment specialization includes:

List Of Services

Marriage and Family Therapy

Therapy for Depression and Anxiety:
o The mood disorders depression and anxiety may be visualized as a continuum, with some persons experiencing an "anxious depression." At Beyond the Horizons Consulting we offer a variety of meditations, progressive relaxation techniques, and brain spotting for anxiety.
We treat depression by helping you to challenge your belief system and helping you listen to your own story. We also encourage you to start a "gratitude journal."
We may also offer specific behavioral assignments and utilize Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing.

Solution-focused Therapy: Clinical Hypnosis 
  o Solution-focused therapy is brief therapy: By harnessing the forces of the unconscious and through healing metaphors, we can often resolve deep emotional issues in a short time period. The use of genograms, mapping family history back several generations, can often bring unique insights, which aid you in exploring your own life and moving forward rapidly in positive directions.

Couples and Relationship Counseling:
o Jean Eva at Soft Skills for Tough Issues combines several techniques to get couples to talk honestly to each other not only about their perceptions of events, but more importantly about their feelings. Emotional Intimacy is the heart of all forms of intimacy.

Family Counseling:
o Jean Eva applies a unique treatment plan to each family who comes for therapy based on the needs of each individual in the family but also predicated on increasing the strength and health of the marital bond.

Parenting Education and Support:
o Parents learn their parenting techniques from how they were parented! There are four basic styles of parenting, and couples choose theirs in response to either tacitly agreeing with or clearly disagreeing with how they were parented. We deal with such issues as family meetings; appropriate consequences for misbehavior; instituting a reward system in the family; helping parents work with children's emotions; and many other helpful topics.

Grief Counseling:
o Jean Eva helps patients work through the five steps of grief as outlined by Elisabeth Kuebler-Ross. Grief may result from losing a person (either to death or divorce); losing a valued friendship; losing valued employment; or any other loss. The grief process is different for each person. Therefore the time needed to process the grief and move forward with one's life depends on the individual's personality and circumstances.

Work and Career Issues:
o Jean Eva is a Key Affiliate with Cigna Healthcare and is also a provider with many Employee Assistance Programs. She has mediated many disputes in the workplace and has also worked with individuals who come on their own or who have been mandated to counseling for workplace issues. She is also a Career Coach who uses both the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator and the materials from Target Training International to help individuals move ahead on their career path or choose a new one compatible with their personality.

Stress Management:
o Stress is synonymous with living in today's fast-paced, electronic world. However, identifying the stressors in a patient's life and dealing with them individually by making appropriate life style changes is a most helpful step in living a more sane life. Sometimes the stressors can be the result of trying to be a supermom, super-wife or super-employee, in which cases we will look at codependency issues.

Addiction & Recovery:
o Jean Eva is not a Substance Abuse Professional. However, as a Marriage and Family Therapist, she is quite aware of how substance abuse and other addictions affect all members of the family. Here at Soft Skills for Tough Issues we take into effect the genetic and brain-based aspect of addiction, but we also utilize the deeper aspects of a patient's psychological history to aid in recovery.

Conflict Resolution and Mediation:
o Much of the work we do at Soft Skills for Tough Issues is conflict resolution between partners or in the family. Jean Eva has also been successful in developing plans to resolve conflict in the workplace. At Soft Skills for Tough Issues, we help all parties to see each other's perspective by validating everyone involved in the mediation. We then pursue an Interest-Based mediation protocol wherever possible.

Post-Traumatic Stress Treatment with EMDR:
o Please see our webpage entitled "EMDR." EMDR goes beyond talk therapy in accessing images, beliefs, emotions, thoughts and body sensations to aid in healing from traumatic events, such as being physically attacked, being raped, having lived in a war zone, or having experienced traumatic events during childhood.

Use of Myers-Briggs Type Indicator:
o The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator is a powerful personality type indicator which validates a person's choices, feelings, thoughts, and life style. It can be successfully used in couple's therapy, in career counseling, and with workplace teams. Jean Eva is a Certified Administrator of the MBTI. (Please see the MBTI webpage for more information.)

    Dreamwork: Jean Eva helps individual clients and groups work with their nighttime dreams and teaches them how dreams can positively affect decisions they make in their daily lives. Jean Eva works from a Jungian perspective which encourages a path of individuation for each person. She will discuss such concepts as the "shadow," the contrasexual, the significance of repeated symbols and dream content, puns and metaphors in dreams and much more!

      Clinical Hypnosis and Autogenic Healing: Jean Eva will use the tools of autogenic healing and meditation to help clients deal with a variety of issues, including weight loss, smoking cessation, sleep issues, performance improvement, and so on.

      Give Us A Call!

      Give us a call or e-mail us today! We offer a free one-half hour consultation, so take some action NOW! We're looking forward to hearing from you.

      Please be aware that Jean Eva works with a wide range of emotional and behavioral issues, providing services that range from therapy for depression and grief to parenting support, couples counseling and beyond.  In a comfortable and supportive atmosphere, Jean Eva at Soft Skills for Tough Issues and Beyond the Horizons Consulting, LLC offers a highly personalized approach tailored to each of our clients' individual needs to help them attain satisfying solutions and personal growth.

      1. EMDR is a highly effective technique which Jean Eva has used since 1996 to improve the lives of those suffering from post-traumatic stress, anxiety and depression.
      2. The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator is a reliable and proven instrument which Jean Eva administers to individuals and couples to help them understand one another. it clarifies the processes of making decisions and communicating.
      3. Another testimonial to Jean Eva's work: "Jean Eva's office is definitely a sanctuary; inviting, comfortable, and safe. She always starts therapy sessions on time and infuses each one with a balance of caring compassion and moving forward toward ultimate healing. Her gentle and effective approaches during traditional talk therapy, Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing, and hypnosis can be trusted. It is difficult to find a counselor with the attributes and skills Jean Eva possesses. I did and I'm grateful." -- DR, 12/29/2013

      See Jean Eva's entry on Psychology Today at

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