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Communications from Individual Clients

Communication from DM, 10/04/2014  "I was a testament to the healing powers of EMDR when ___ went off the other night. I remained calm and didn`t trigger him more. I went into action and did all the right things. I was not triggered but accepted ___ was in crisis. I didn`t make it personal! Thank you so much for helping me clear out the traumas of my mind." -- D.M.

E-mail from DT, 9/26/2015  "I honestly believe I`d have gone down the tubes (probably several times) if it hadn`t been for your kind and patient help for the duration of four years. There are no sufficient words to thank you for your commitment to T`s and my processes."

Communication from CR dated 7/31/2014:  Dearest Jean, What a delightful visit. Thank you so much for your time and wisdom. ... Your words seemed to melt in my soul. It was an unforgettable visit. Warm regards, CR

Letter from L dated June 13, 2012:  “I really didn´t know what to expect last night. Thank you for being our mediator. It was quite helpful. I haven´t seen B smile or have that sparkle in his eyes in a long time. WE obviously have work to do, but I think we are on the right track. Thanks also for allowing us to be late!“ -- M, June 13, 2012

Testimonial from Jane P., Small Business Owner:  “I find Jean Eva to be very insightful, often ´hitting the nail on the head´ in regard to what I´m not doing or what I need to do to improve my relationship with my business. At the same time she creates a space for me to come up with my own insights. I have seen changes in my attitude, and opportunities happening, because of this. I appreciate her sincerity and her interest.”

Thank-you Letter from Amber D. Cummings:  “Jean Eva and I have been working on my unhappy job situation about the last two months. This coaching has kept me staying positive and hopeful for better things in life. The structure and steps involved in making any big changes are a necessity for me to stay focused on my career path. Jean Eva is a caring, compassionate, supportive person, making her a great coach.“

E-mail from DR dated 12/29/2013:  “Jean Eva’s office is definitely a sanctuary; inviting, comfortable, and safe. She always starts therapy sessions on time and infuses each one with a balance of caring compassion and moving one forward toward ultimate healing. Her gentle and effective approaches during traditional talk therapy, Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing, and hypnosis can be trusted. It is difficult to find a counselor with the attributes and skills Jean Eva possesses. I did and I’m grateful!“

Comments on Assessments and Consultations:

“Jean Eva Thumm provided my evaluation in a timely and very professional manner. Her explanations of the instruments used were given in easily understood language and provided good insight into managerial strategies which would be beneficial in dealing with clients and employees, and in resolving conflicts. These strategies can be easily applied to interpersonal relationships as well.“

“Ms. Thumm is a very congenial consultant, and I believe that her approach would be beneficial for large or small entities, whether private or public.“ -- Robert S. Caballero, CPA

“I was in a crunch to hire a foreman for my ranch. Jean Eva at Beyond the Horizons Consulting came to the rescue with her employee-manager assessment and subsequent consultation, explaining the mindset and behaviors of a candidate I had focused on. I cannot praise her work as human relations consultant enough!“ -- Lanier Watson, Manager, Cow Creek Ranch

“Jean Eva Thumm was great to work with in improving my management skills through better communication and understanding of those I work with. The work with Myers-Briggs helped me to understand myself and my motivation and, in turn, that helped me better understand those around me. This has given me a greater sense of awareness at work and in all facets of my life that makes me a more productive employee and a better leader. I would highly recommend Jean Eva to anyone interested in gaining a greater understanding of themselves and the world around them.“ -- Mary Uhl, State of New Mexico Environmental Bureau

“Thank you very much for your helpful self-assessment questions. They enabled me to see myself and my situation much more clearly, and stimulated many new ideas. I was able to identify five focus areas and come up with a plan of action for each one. At the end of the process I felt calmer, clearer and much more positive about my options. With much appreciation,” -- Mary Ray Cate, M.D., December 25, 2005

Excerpts from Recent Corporate Work

New Mexico State Treasurer`s Office: Critical Incident Stress Debriefing and Executive Coaching

“As we conclude our work together, I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciated working with you. Even with years of management experience I had never had to work through the aftermath of a public scandal. It was an experience I would never want to repeat. That said, the experience brought you to us and your work with the staff during the crisis and your later work coaching me into positive working relationships with them was just invaluable. I learned a lot about why I work the way I do and why some things just don´t work for me -- just those sessions helped me to refocus and revitalize my efforts. You also helped me rediscover my voice; to present my ideas so that I felt that I was heard. Thank you for your support and great ideas.” -- Elaine Olah, Deputy State Treasure

Applied Biosystems: Seminar, Personality Type in the Workplace:

“We really enjoyed having Jean Eva come and work with us at our conference. We learned things about ourselves and each other that we hadn’t realized before.“

“We all appreciate each other more and work better as a team as a result. I would recommend her to any group seeking to learn to improve team communication and respect.“ -- Rosanna Dill, Senior Technical Support Specialist, Applied Biosystems

Extended Mediation at PERA, February 10 – March 27, 2012:

“I want to say that I think the mediation went well. I am very grateful to you for understanding and listening to me. I believe that you realize where I am coming from with regard to my situation.“ -- W.O., March 2, 2012

“Jean, so far I think mediation has been helpful in opening lines of communication. Our meeting with … and … was extremely satisfying. Thanks.“ -- R.T., March 2, 2012

“I feel like our meetings thus far have been informative. It is easy to talk to you, and I feel like you really get a sense of the environment we are all dealing with right now. … I am glad that you have had many chances now to meet with L., and give us some suggestions on how to deal with a person of this caliber.“ -- K.E., March 2, 2012

Comments from Participants at a Mediation/Workshop, Las Vegas Behavioral Health Facility:

“I felt this class has helped. I´ve noticed improvement in my area. Also I´ve noticed the things in myself that need improvement. Thanks for your time and help. I really enjoyed it.“

“I feel these sessions were excellent. I have learned so much. I feel that they have made me see things I can improve in myself to be a better supervisor. … I think the most important is communication and how we present ourselves. Thank you so much, Jean Eva. You have been wonderful!”

“I felt this in-service training was very helpful because it opened hidden feelings, both positive and negative. I felt coworkers trying to understand and open up. After the training I sensed a more relaxed feeling in the air. … After this in-service I have some hope. Thank you!”

“I feel I’ve learned how to communicate better with staff, residents, and family. Be willing to listen at times instead of always being the talker. Everyone is important. Everyone has their own wants, needs, feelings, different from your own. … You helped me look from the heart (inside and outside). … I came into this meeting stubborn and set in my ways. I feel I’m walking out a person who has and can improve – a better person. I can look, listen and learn before reacting. I feel (I know) I will be a better team player, better worker, better friend, and better family member.” – Margaret L.

Comments from Participants in Myers-Briggs Personality Type Workshops

"Jean Eva, Thank you for your follow up e-mail, it was a delight to meet you and your information was fascinating." -- GB, 8/20/2014

"Jean, It was such a pleasure to have you present at our Statewide Meeting. I know I have gained a better understanding of who I am, thanks to you." -- J.A.G., 8/20/2014

“I always knew that people did not share similar thought processes. The Myers-Briggs workshop provided information that helped me to understand and appreciate those differences. Along with exploring the dynamics of my own Myers-Briggs profile, I learned to look at others with an eye to their unique personalities. The knowledge gained from Ms. Thumm’s seminars has served me well in understanding my co-workers, family members, and friends. It has been a valuable tool for living. And we had fun in the workshop, too!” -- Mary Sandstrom, Accountant

“This workshop was immensely helpful to me, in that it named and actually defined my process of personal integration and individuation. Knowing that there is both rhyme and reason for my inner need for balance gives me peace. Now I feel free to move forward in my life.” -- R.C., artist

“This course was helpful in teaching me the different ways that people process information and experiences and translate them into behavior. It helps me be more tolerant of others who are not like me.” -- D.J.S., Los Alamos National Laboratory Manager

“I liked the fact that it was geared positively – that every type combination has something of value to offer while needing to develop weak areas.” -- N.E.M., community volunteer

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